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LS1 Freight

So I had the LS1 organised to be picked up on Friday morning after winning it a week ago on Ebay. It pains me to know how lazy and sometimes stupid people can be. Prior to bidding, I had spoken to the seller, asking about sending the motor even though it was listed as local … Continue reading

Bloody Qld Weather…

Not much has been happening for the past week and a half… Too much rain for anything really. Cleared up for the weekend, but started raining again today… Gotta love summer in the tropics. Thought I’d take a few pics of the 180 in the wet for something to do. Oh, and for anyone keen, … Continue reading

Townsville Motorkhana 22-01-12

Heres a few photos I took over the weekend for the Townsville City Autosports Club’s Motorkhana at Lou Litster Park. First outing with the new camera – Canon 600D. Big thanks to Cody Borrowman for help with settings and lending me lenses. Being a noob at this photography thing, I didn’t get a whole heap … Continue reading

New Camera

Just bought a new camera – Canon 600D – SLR. I’ll get around to figuring it out eventually. Thankfully I have a few good mates with a bit of experience driving these things (check out N!CE1M8 on Facebook). Photos of the cars are coming, as soon as it stops raining… Bloody Queensland weather… Logo and … Continue reading

s12 Repairs Begin

So I had to pull the tailshaft out of the s12 to get the uni joints pressed out/in, meant dropping the oil. Took this pic of the gearbox sump plug. FML.

The Old New Track Car

Not much of a looker, but this is/was my first car. Bought it mid ’06 as a clean example of a standard R32 GTS-T. Worst. Idea. Ever. I don’t care what anyone says or thinks, don’t ever buy a turbo car for your first car. I have no idea how I never died in the … Continue reading


The s15 before I got rid of it. Was more or less a stock car and comfy as a daily driver. Started with a vertex style front bar, got rid of that after not too long and put a stock one on instead. Few more pics attached. Old housemates 180 in the background. Will try … Continue reading

RPS13 Type X

So this is what I have to work with for the moment. Doesn’t look like much, but it made 282rwkw on 22psi before I bought it. Specs so far: GT3076r .64 exh Tial 44mm external gate 3 inch turbo back zorst Hybrid FMIC Splitfire coilpacks 800cc injectors Power FC Djetro Tein Remote Canister Coilovers 32 … Continue reading

ZipTie Carpark

Welcome to anyone who reads this. Before it gets mentioned, I will be getting a better camera ASAP so don’t fret – the pictures won’t always be this bad. This is the first time I’ve really posted about what I’m doing with my cars, so I’ll be dredging up some old iPhone pics of what … Continue reading