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Ivan’s MK3 Golf

Our first feature car on the ZipTie Motorsports blog is Ivan’s MK3 Golf. Ivan’s adventure started when he bought the 1.9L turbo diesel Golf at the age of 17. His first mod was the US front end followed by a very custom and unique body mod courtesy of a power pole on the side of … Continue reading

Quiet Night Out

I seem to have been heading out a lot as of late. This time it was to have a quick squizz at an MR2 belonging to one of Winnie’s mates. Unfortunately, being useless with a camera still meant no real pics of it, only bits and pieces of it and a couple of others. The … Continue reading

Marque NQ Motorkhana 19-02-2012

I attended the Marque NQ Motorkhana on the weekend again for a few happy snaps. Much the same setup as last time, and much the same cars. Unfortunatly I didn’t get to hang around all day due to work, but I was there long enough to see a few decent skids and even a news … Continue reading

Winnie the Bull

Good news! A good friend of mine has agreed to do some posting! He’s a bit of a tramp, but we love him anyway. He’s been up in Cairns over the weekend with a bunch of mates from down south. I’ll get him to give a rundown of whats been happening, and a bit a … Continue reading


I decided to do a quick photoshoot of the 180 Saturday night prior to it being off the road for what could end up as 2 years. With the help of a few mates (i’m still useless with the camera) we went down to the Townsville Entertainment Centre for a few happy snaps. Heres the … Continue reading

One of those days….

You know how you get those days every now and then when you want to kill someone….? I’m definitely having one of those… Working for the man sucks and DHL Couriers are almost as useless as E-Go.com. Difference being these guys have a phone number listed so you can at least talk to someone. Guy … Continue reading

Show and Shine 12 Feb 2012

As part of the ‘Save the Dragway’ campaign, Townsville held its second cruise in two weeks with a bit of a show and shine at the showgrounds prior to heading to the strip for a sunday afternoon drag comp. This week, I decided against spectating at the drags (car is broken) and helped a mate … Continue reading

Just Commodores Cruise 8 Feb 2012

Wednesday night last week was the fortnightly jc.com meet. As usual, there were four or five commodores and a bunch of rice. Not that I’m complaining, I just find it amusing. By the time it took to arrive at the Breakwater, all bar a lone commodore had decided that was enough for one night, and … Continue reading

Courier Organised…?

Have sourced a courier to pack/transport the motor. Should be leaving Melbourne tomorrow. So much for a cheap motor… http://www.dhlcouriers.com.au – Shall see how they do.