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Ivan’s MK3 Golf

Our first feature car on the ZipTie Motorsports blog is Ivan’s MK3 Golf.

Ivan’s adventure started when he bought the 1.9L turbo diesel Golf at the age of 17. His first mod was the US front end followed by a very custom and unique body mod courtesy of a power pole on the side of the slippery winter road (now would probably be a good time to mention Ivan lives in Belgium).

After repairing the car at school and fixing a slight radiator problem, Ivan decided it was time for a bit of stance so an order was placed for TA Technix coils, 20mm spacers for the rear and a set of ATS Type 5 wheels. The colour for the wheels wasn’t planned or photoshopped, Ivan literally walked into the powedercoaters and selected the colour there and then from their catalogue. I must say for a spur of the moment choice, the wheels look mint!

Ivan then sourced a full GTI interior and set about enjoying the car for a while. While Ivan was happy with his car’s new look, the local authorities saw differently, leading to Ivan repeatedly returning the car to stock height and wheels. It was during one of these times with stock wheels and 4wd spec ride height that Ivan decided that since he’s always loved the Ginster Yellow MK3’s it would be a good time to get the car painted.

Cue a trip to the local hardware store where a suitable yellow was found and a roller was purchased. Yes, I kid you not, this Golf is rocking house paint and rocking it well! With its new paintjob a black VR6 front lip was sourced from a previous client of Ivan’s and the car was dropped on its guts once again with the ATS wheels back in place.

The moustache is a nice touch

Future plans for the car include increasing the boost up to 1.2 Bar up from 0.7 and a few supporting mods to squeeze some more power from the little diesel. No matter what he decides to do, there’s no denying Ivan’s car is certainly unique! Love it or hate it, he’s gonna keep doing things his own way.

Ivan is a keen photographer and took all the shots you see before you, you can check out more of his work here




2 thoughts on “Ivan’s MK3 Golf

  1. Thanks for the writeup guy’s 😉

    Posted by Ivan | February 24, 2012, 11:30 pm

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