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Jako’s LSx VT

At first glance, you could be fooled to think this is a standard VT with shiny rims. A look simple enough to pull off if you wanted your mates to think you were driving around in Dad’s car. At second glance however, you notice that those steel wheel look alikes are, in fact, Forged Weld Draglite’s measuring in at 15″ x 6″ up front, and a very decent 15″ x 10″ at the back.

You see, this is no ordinary Dad’s car. Pop the bonnet and you find yourself face to face with a 416ci or 6.85L (for those not in the know) stroked LS3 making approximately 350rwkw on a ‘run in tune’ thanks to the boys at HDT in Mackay. The best part is, this power was made Naturally Aspirated and the only fuel system modification was completed by installing a Walbro 255L/h fuel pump!

Other goodies include a Custom Grind Camshaft, Race Built Auto Gearbox, Harrop Tru Track Locker Diff, 3.9:1 Diff Gears, 90/10 Koni Adjustable Front Struts and a 4500rpm Stall Converter. This allowed the car a 10.5 second pass at 130mph, in full street trim! Make no mistake, the ’22 cows of leather’ as Jako puts it, were all installed as was every electronic device (except the traction control) that came with the original vehicle! The only giveaway to the vehicle’s potential is the earth shattering noise emitted from the twin tip s/s exhaust even when the Varex is closed.

Unfortunately, the owner of the vehicle is sick of spending money and has put the car up for sale at a fraction of the cost it took to build. But that’s not before the High Rise manifold setup and an undisclosed shot of giggle gas are installed. If anyone is interested, please contact us at ziptiems@gmail.com and we can put you in touch.

Fortunately, we do have a better photographer in our midst, and we will get some better pictures of the car once the Manifold is completed.

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