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Townsville Sprints 31-03-2012

Saturday saw the Townsville’s first ‘Come and Try Day’ of the year at the Townsville Kart Track, showcasing some of North Queensland’s best circuit cars. Judging by the action on track, some of the drivers appeared to be playing for sheep stations performing seriously quick lap times.

One such car was this Evo, built in Japan before being imported to Aus and sold to the current owner.

I do believe that Mitsubishi had the biggest presence on the day, with plenty of drivers opting for the Evolution. That’s not to say there weren’t plenty of other cars to be seen from all walks.

Anyone who has seen these in action, would tell you that the Australian Racing Cars are a seriously quick bit of kit, sporting an 1100cc motorbike engine and weighing only a couple of hundred kilo’s, they could outperform almost anything on Townsville’s Kart track.

Representing the Subaru side of things, Luke was doing pretty well considering his car is set up for daily duties. He seems to have caught the bug now though, letting us know he’ll be opting for some semi-slicks in future with some new rims specifically for these track days.

This was one of three 180sx’s on track for the day. Bolt on guards and a wicked paint job wouldn’t be enough to impress the JDM crowd these days, so the owner seems to have taken it upon themselves to let everyone know they can do a pretty wicked skid with the Initial D sticker.

This little clubman was wicked fast on the day, with acceleration being key to the overall times on this track.

Several MX-5’s were out on the day. As our good friend Brad put it, ‘It’d be pretty damn hard to get a haircut today.’

Last I was aware, this evo held the record time at the track. I can’t seem to remember exactly how fast it was though. I’ll let everyone know via our Facebook Page as soon as I can find out!

harris. from nissansilvia.com seems to be entering more and more events nowadays.

Even though ‘Carbon Fibre has no place on a race car’ according to an ex-‘ville local, this gsr seemed to be doing pretty damn well for itself. If nothing else, it certainly looked the part.

As I was saying earlier, there were more Evolutions here than in Earth’s history books. Apparently these are the choice track cars in town.

Jap cars weren’t the only things on the track, however they did seem to dominate, with only a few cars from other countries racing on the day.

This driver was showing some pretty promising skills at a few points, keeping some nice lines through a couple of corners.

CF wrap looks the goods, however steel panels still weigh a lot.

This 180 seems to get out a bit too. I believe it’s been to every Motorkhana that I’ve attended this year.

I’ll leave you all with a pic of this old Datto. There’s a bit of blur, but I’m attributing that to the massive hangover I had from being up all Friday night.

At any rate, the day was awesome, and I can’t wait to get out there and give it a bash myself! As usual, if anyone wants any pics of vehicles that weren’t there, flick me an email at ziptiems@gmail.com and I’ll see what I can do!




2 thoughts on “Townsville Sprints 31-03-2012

  1. Where are the v8 cars

    Posted by Andrew | April 20, 2012, 10:28 pm

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