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Imre’s mk3 Golf VR6

Okay, so once again I have the chance to do an article on yet another slammed Golf. It should be noted that the owner of this car knows Ivan, the owner of the last golf we featured and the photographer of this one.

Iconic location for a shoot

Right from the start, Imre knew exactly what he wanted, a five door Golf with a badass sound! Obviously a Mk3 VR6 fit this bill perfectly, with a throaty 2.8L v6 under the bonnet.

The genuine BBS rims are a nice contrast against the paintwork

As is often the case, the car before was in a bit of a sorry state when it was originally purchased two years ago. Not being one to be easily disheartened, Imre started work straight away to transform this car from a regular, beat up, ’92 VW into the dream car that he knew it could be.

The immaculate body really sets this golf apart!

First up on the menu was a set of genuine 17×8 BBS RS 3 piece wheels, with the lowering duties provided by a set of Weitec coilovers Imre’s girlfriend got for him as a birthday present (you lucky bastard!). The car spent a bit of time in this form before it was decided that engine could use a bit more power, in the form of a special Schrick VSR6 intake manifold and K&N Sportfilter.

Got low?

A perfect exhaust note was attained courtesy of a Supersprint exhaust manifold and a custom Inox 63mm exhaust from the cat back to the original muffler. The engine was almost completely rebuilt, utilising only genuine VW parts to ensure the Golf was making the most of its new mods.

Stretch, a highly controversial topic. I for one, happen to quite like it

With the engine sorted, it was time to address the body issues and rust. Imre decided he preferred the look of the ’94 model Golf’s so new sideskirts, sills, doorstrips, trunk, bumpers, grill, logo’s, headlights,  indicators and new reflectors for front bumper. Practically every external part was replaced, leaving the car basically 90% new and ready for a fresh coat of Volkswagon Black Magic Pearl.

Volkswagon Black Magic Pearl looks a treat!

The wheels were a boring silver color when Imre first purchased them and after replacing everything and getting the car repsrayed it was only natural that they would receive some special treatment also. To start with, the wheels were separated and a custom outer lip was ordered to bump up the width to almost 9″. 144 new Inox bolts were purchased to hold the wheels together as well some rare red/golden BBS centrecaps. To finish it off the centres were repainted in original BBS gold paint just to keep with the genuine theme.

The wheels are basically new now!

With 185 and 195 tyres stretched over the fronts and rears respectively, and the coilovers dropped as low as the car would allow, it was decided that there was still too much space under the car! The driveshafts were customised and the shorter sump from a mk5 Golf was sourced. The engine was raised and a bash plate was fitted underneath for extra safety. At last, the car was at the perfect ride height!

The sump from a mk5 Golf was fitted to give extra clearance

The interior is left basically stock, with addition of some recaro front seats and new rear seats. Imre’s future plans include a full interior retrim and mental turbo build in the quest for extra horsepower.

I have to say, i’m definately a fan of this car!


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2 thoughts on “Imre’s mk3 Golf VR6

  1. hell fuck to the yes, love it, give me 2 years and then you can add a mkv golf to the article list 😛

    Posted by brenn | April 13, 2012, 5:42 pm
  2. BIG THX !!! just love reading it !!!

    Posted by Imre | April 13, 2012, 5:55 pm

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