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Offroad Buggy Racing 12 May 2012

For the first time, I visited an Offroad Buggy Event on Saturday. The event was the first on the season calander and saw some pretty good action for what some considered to be ‘Shake Down’ testing of their new and/or improved vehicles.

There were several different classes competing on the day, with easily the most amusing to watch, these aptly described ‘Golf Buggies on Steriods’, Polaris Offroaders. There were plenty of these in the field, and for those with a budget in mind, this class is intensely popular.

As you can see, they aren’t the most advanced vehicles, making them relatively simple to operate.

In comparison, the faster, more expensive classes are rather a touch more difficult to operate, however, some builds (as pictured) make things easier with fully sequential, dog engagement, straight cut gearsets, hydraulic handbrakes and plenty of power to work their way around the tight and technical course.

Spectators were allowed a good vantage point of the last section of the course, with several hairpins, jumps and high speed straights making for a good show.

Crankcase Oil pressure and electrical issues put the driver of this vehicle out early, missing at least the first lap while repairs were undertaken.

Other vehicles suffered similar dilemas, with an SR20 Powered Hilux blowing a turbo gasket, several vehicles found countless electrial issues, and one poor soul destroying the $30k gearbox in their buggy by downshifting to reverse, rather than first during the first lap.

Last years winner and Burdekin Offroad Racing Treasurer, Michael (above) was enjoying his first time out in his newly aquired ‘Grasshopper’.

The racing continues today, with a presentation naming the class winners in the afternoon. Unfortuntely, for a large portion of the 17 competitors, the weekend did not go as smoothly as planned, with several vehicles having major issues before the first day had completed and only 9 of the starters managing to cross the final finish line.

For more information on the offroad series, visit the website at: www.offroadracing.com.au






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