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Townsville Drags 12-05-12

I visited the drags back on the 12th May to watch a couple of friends run their new cars for the first time, and took a few happy snaps just for something different. Turns out, night time drag pics are rediculously difficult to take, and I went through many many photos to even come out with these.

The R31 Skyline pictured above is currently for sale. Cheap for what you’re getting. With an RB25det under the bonnet, it’s packing a bit of mumbo. Send us a message if you’re interested, and we’ll put you in contact with the owner.

This recently purchased LS3 vt was having a few traction issues. Look at the squat it was getting coming off the line!

This beautifully presented WRX was pulling fairly consistant times throughout the night.

Winnie, in his new toy, was also getting consistant times throughout the night. The standard twin turbo 1J under the bonnet leaves a little to be desired. It is however, one of the most comfortable boats I’ve been in for a while, and he has big plans for this luxo-barge! Watch this space!

One of three bikes running on the night, Craig was managing alright on his beautiful old Triumph. This old rig managed a best time of 14.5 at 93mph. Not bad for an old bike with no tacho.

Natural Aspiration is where it’s at, with this rail showing us how it’s done.

I’m under the impression that the driver was new to the vehicle, but it still managed some fairly quick times.

Rediculous smoke runs seemed to be a priority for what is the best presented Jag’ I’ve ever seen.

Big cubes, makes for big skids.

It seemed fairly quiet for a track that’s on the verge of closing down. I, for one, am glad to see it’s still being put to it’s intended use, even if it isn’t for much longer. Unfortunately though, the land has been sold and in the not too distant future, housing will be covering the entire area surrounding the Townsville Dragway. If anyone is interested in voicing their opinion, you should get in touch with DECAMAG.

Thats it for now. Peace.




3 thoughts on “Townsville Drags 12-05-12

  1. Robert Millett is not new to the rail. Has been racing it for years and before that campaigned an altered. Been in the sport for over 30 years.

    Posted by Linda | May 23, 2012, 5:51 pm
    • My apologies. He didn’t seem to be driving it as hard as he could have though. That may have simply been my impression though.

      Posted by Joobie | May 23, 2012, 6:21 pm
      • He was testing and trying to sort some bugs that had been plagueing the rail for the last couple of month. It also sported some new paint.His times were around the region he runs but his MPH was way off.

        Posted by Linda | May 24, 2012, 6:47 am

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