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MADDinc Sessions 3

It was a wet dreary day for MADDinc‘s Sessions 3, making it difficult to get a decent shot without fear of ending up with a very wet camera. As usual though, the day went off without a hitch, and much fun was had by all.

The track was wet enough for most of the day, that only a few of the 18 drivers had to change tyres for the entire time spent on track.

It was good to see a few new faces this round, like Nathan (pictured above) in his RB30 powered Skyline. If memory serves correctly, he was the only driver not to spin on the day. He also managed to make it to the Mt Stuart Hill Climb put on by TCAC the following day (pics of that soon).

Jay managed to prove very consistent again, even when running on 5 cylinders. RB coilpacks just don’t like working correctly.

The driver of this 32 has had better days, losing a wheel mid lap. Thankfully, no real damage was done, and he got back out there for the rest of the session.

This car has made me so impatient to get mine back on the road. Sporting a built RB25 and highmount, the noise on gate was sensational to say the least!

Alex and Matt were out in tandem again, getting pretty close at some points. This was Matt’s first time following, and surprised a few people with how close he was getting.

A few of the Commodore guys were out and about, proving they can do more than just straight lines.

Just chill brah. Alex trying to ‘Keep Drifting Fun’. He managed to drive almost a whole lap in that same position at one point.

I believe this was Bengt’s first time on track. He has definitely improved since the last time I saw him slide.

I’ll leave you with those few photos to enjoy. There’s plenty more to come, and a couple already on our Facebook Page. Don’t be afraid to let us know what you want more of, and we will try our best to deliver!





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