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Ziptie Motorsports goes it Solo!

Hey guys, due to the number of people visiting our site and the restrictions on wordpress free hosting, we’ve decided to go it solo and host our site externally! This means we have a lot more freedom in the way we setup, post and comment on our site! Improvements have been made in leaps and … Continue reading

Mount Stuart Hill Climb Round 2

Townsville City Autosports Club held its second hill climb of the year with some seriously quick cars competing this round, including the above pictured former record holding Evo VI. Even though there had been a grass fire in the area earlier in the week, the grasses around the roadway were thick and untouched, not leaving … Continue reading

MADDinc Sessions 3

It was a wet dreary day for MADDinc‘s Sessions 3, making it difficult to get a decent shot without fear of ending up with a very wet camera. As usual though, the day went off without a hitch, and much fun was had by all. The track was wet enough for most of the day, … Continue reading

Townsville Drags 12-05-12

I visited the drags back on the 12th May to watch a couple of friends run their new cars for the first time, and took a few happy snaps just for something different. Turns out, night time drag pics are rediculously difficult to take, and I went through many many photos to even come out … Continue reading

Offroad Buggy Racing 12 May 2012

For the first time, I visited an Offroad Buggy Event on Saturday. The event was the first on the season calander and saw some pretty good action for what some considered to be ‘Shake Down’ testing of their new and/or improved vehicles. There were several different classes competing on the day, with easily the most … Continue reading

Video: MADDinc Drift Day 21-04-2012

This is the first video I’ve put together in 8 to 9 years. Shot with an 18-200mm soft focus lens on a Canon 600D, no tripod/monopod and less than a clue as to what I was really doing. As they say, ‘One can only get better’. I wasn’t able to use most of the footage … Continue reading

Proserpine MADD Drift Day 21-04-2012

The second MADDinc Drift Day went off without a hitch on Saturday, and spectators showed up en masse. With a decent field of cars from throughout Queensland, and a beautiful vantage point no matter where you stood, you can understand why. This time around, Tandem Drifting was allowed, and four cars took up the offer. … Continue reading

Townsville Sprints 31-03-2012

Saturday saw the Townsville’s first ‘Come and Try Day’ of the year at the Townsville Kart Track, showcasing some of North Queensland’s best circuit cars. Judging by the action on track, some of the drivers appeared to be playing for sheep stations performing seriously quick lap times. One such car was this Evo, built in … Continue reading

MADD Inc Drift Prac 24-03-2012

The first Mackay and District Drifters – http://www.maddinc.org – drift practice day was a great success from what I saw and have since heard from a couple of the drivers and spectators. There weren’t many cars (partially due to the crap weather we’ve been having lately) but the few that were there made a decent … Continue reading

Jako’s LSx VT

At first glance, you could be fooled to think this is a standard VT with shiny rims. A look simple enough to pull off if you wanted your mates to think you were driving around in Dad’s car. At second glance however, you notice that those steel wheel look alikes are, in fact, Forged Weld … Continue reading