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Imre’s mk3 Golf VR6

Okay, so once again I have the chance to do an article on yet another slammed Golf. It should be noted that the owner of this car knows Ivan, the owner of the last golf we featured and the photographer of this one. Right from the start, Imre knew exactly what he wanted, a five … Continue reading

Archerfield Easter Sunday Funday 08-04-2012

Just a quick post to show off a few photos of the Archerfield Easter Sunday Funday drift event taken by Chez Watts More¬†images available in the gallery below and of course on Chez’s photography page ~Winnie

Harley’s Sharknose Mira

Okay, for those of you who know me, you’ll know that I have an unexplainable love for the Japanese ‘Kei’ style cars,¬†particularily those with outrageous or ‘in-your-face’ styling. Harley’s 1994 L200 Mira is just one such car. The first thing that really stands out with this car is obviously the custom ‘sharknose’ front end and … Continue reading

Ivan’s MK3 Golf

Our first feature car on the ZipTie Motorsports blog is Ivan’s MK3 Golf. Ivan’s adventure started when he bought the 1.9L turbo diesel Golf at the age of 17. His first mod was the US front end followed by a very custom and unique body mod courtesy of a power pole on the side of … Continue reading