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Hi All,

After being unhappy with the way internet forums allow you to create build threads and posts, and seeing several high profile people within the car scene create blogs and enjoy the freedom it allows; I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.

My blog in particular is for my JDM Obsession. I love the Japanese car culture and I enjoy being part of the JDM scene here in Aus.

While I update this page, I’ll show you my builds, motorsports from home, pics and vids of cruises and the like, and anything else I think the world should know about.



So after I wrote the about page as above, a few things have changed. A good friend of mine has come on board to start posting (I use the word ‘posting’ very loosely) and sharing his twisted thoughts on the happenings in the world.

I’ll still be posting about the same things I have been for the last month, and If I can manage to pull my finger out, we might even have a logo, stickers and features of a few decent cars getting around the ‘ville soon! So until then, have a look around (my cars will be under this header if you want a look at a build list) and let us know what you think!





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