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Hi all, Winnie here, the newest blogger on the Ziptie Motorsports blog.

I talk a lot of dribble, and I sincerely feel that there aren’t enough people out there who have heard my ramblings, so here I am, on the internet, now with colour! If there was a person who was summed up by the car they drove my friends would tell you it’s me and my Pulsar GTiR (form a queue ladies):

Loud, Obnoxious, Funny looking,

And that’s just my bum! But in all seriousness, I’ve always had a secret envy of other bloggers, and have wanted to try and do something the same, but I generally lack motivation. Yes, I love cars, and I love my Pulsar, but you’ll still usually see it dirty, with a bunch of parts in the backseat ready to go, with whatever flavour rims I’ve chosen for the month. Yes, I’m a bit of a rim whore, through fate or circumstance, every time I’ve been in a position  to buy new tyres, a set of rims and tyres have popped up for the right price. And when I say every time, I mean EVERY time. I have a pile of wheels under my house all with bald tyres.

So yes, I’m loud and opinionated and strange, and I have an unhealthy fetish with Kei cars and other ‘left field’ automotive trends and styles. I’m generally easy to get along with, providing you can stand my awful humour and generally wild and woolly hair. I can appreciate any car (modified or not) but the only cars I truly like are those driven by people who have a story to tell, be it a long colourful history together or a tale of months of eating Mi Goreng just to buy that coveted part. My pulsar “Irene”, she’s a little rough around the edges (fading paint in areas, a few dings and a few “customised to fit” parts). But I do love her; she cops a hiding and puts up with it, and in spite of the fact she has arguably one of the most obnoxious stock bonnet scoop setups ever found on a standard car, people act surprised when she stretches her legs. She has a pretty standard fitout, factory SR20DET with individual throttles, FMIC, exhaust and a touch more boost, nothing fancy by a long shot but she keeps me entertained.

That’s about all I can think of at the moment, hopefully you’ll be hearing from me more in future!


Irene is watching you masturbate...

Irene is watching you masturbate...



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