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Winnie the Bull

Good news! A good friend of mine has agreed to do some posting! He’s a bit of a tramp, but we love him anyway. He’s been up in Cairns over the weekend with a bunch of mates from down south. I’ll get him to give a rundown of whats been happening, and a bit a … Continue reading

One of those days….

You know how you get those days every now and then when you want to kill someone….? I’m definitely having one of those… Working for the man sucks and DHL Couriers are almost as useless as E-Go.com. Difference being these guys have a phone number listed so you can at least talk to someone. Guy … Continue reading

Courier Organised…?

Have sourced a courier to pack/transport the motor. Should be leaving Melbourne tomorrow. So much for a cheap motor… http://www.dhlcouriers.com.au – Shall see how they do.

New Camera

Just bought a new camera – Canon 600D – SLR. I’ll get around to figuring it out eventually. Thankfully I have a few good mates with a bit of experience driving these things (check out N!CE1M8 on Facebook). Photos of the cars are coming, as soon as it stops raining… Bloody Queensland weather… Logo and … Continue reading

ZipTie Carpark

Welcome to anyone who reads this. Before it gets mentioned, I will be getting a better camera ASAP so don’t fret – the pictures won’t always be this bad. This is the first time I’ve really posted about what I’m doing with my cars, so I’ll be dredging up some old iPhone pics of what … Continue reading