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Ziptie Motorsports goes it Solo!

Ziptie Motorsports goes it Solo!

Hey guys, due to the number of people visiting our site and the restrictions on wordpress free hosting, we’ve decided to go it solo and host our site externally! This means we have a lot more freedom in the way we setup, post and comment on our site! Improvements have been made in leaps and … Continue reading


  • Good news! A good friend of mine has agreed to do some posting! He's a bit of a tramp, but we love him anyway. He's been up in Cairns over the weekend with a bunch of mates from down south. I'll get him to give a rundown of whats been happening, and a bit a of a gloss over his rig. Photos to come soon!
  • You know how you get those days every now and then when you want to kill someone....? I'm definitely having one of those... Working for the man sucks and DHL Couriers are almost as useless as E-Go.com. Difference being these guys have a phone number listed so you can at least talk to someone. Guy was pretty polite and apologetic I might add. So last I was aware, my motor was on the back of a truck on its way here. After ringing DHL about 2 minutes ago; the lady I last spoke to (who had not only told me that the motor was on its way, but it would be here by today) has asked a co-worker to inform me that they are yet to pick it up... This does not bode well...
  • Have sourced a courier to pack/transport the motor. Should be leaving Melbourne tomorrow. So much for a cheap motor... www.dhlcouriers.com.au - Shall see how they do.
  • So I had the LS1 organised to be picked up on Friday morning after winning it a week ago on Ebay. It pains me to know how lazy and sometimes stupid people can be. Prior to bidding, I had spoken to the seller, asking about sending the motor even though it was listed as local pickup only (I figured it couldn't hurt to ask). His reply was 'I'll pack it for the winning bidder'. Usually, this isn't an overly difficult task, and this guy has apparently sold a decent amount of car parts prior. I figured I'd let him know when the freight mob were going to collect it - Friday - and all would be good in the world. After not hearing about it for the day, I assumed all was good, and my $1600.00 motor was on its merry way. At about 6pm I received a phone call that I couldn't answer and a voicemail that I checked several hours later. 'Hey mate, the courier you organised wouldn't take the motor 'cause it wasn't on a pallet. I can't organise a pallet, so you'll have to do that with your courier.'. UMADBRO?!?! So I fumed for several hours, swearing and cursing under my breath, trying to figure out how in the bloody hell am I supposed to organise this from 3000kms away? Well, I rang the guy over the weekend several times, and have heard less than nothing back... until today. I receive an email from this blokes ebay account, asking when are my freight company going to collect the motor. I rang this guy several times and finally he picks up. Apparently he has found me a pallet, and this is a huge favor he has pulled. Pity the motor isn't even sitting on it... let alone strapped to it... So now I'm at a crossroads. Do I spend more money on a freight company to pack it prior to sending (if I can find a company that will)? Or do I round up a few mates and perform a 6000km round trip to Melbourne and back?
  • So I had to pull the tailshaft out of the s12 to get the uni joints pressed out/in, meant dropping the oil. Took this pic of the gearbox sump plug. FML.